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  • Jordan Quinn

A community just for c-sections and recovery? Yes.

postpartum woman on zoom call for digital community

Welcome to our community dedicated to making c-sections better for women. We bring together women who are preparing for c-sections, those who are healing from them, those who have healed and have experience and advice to share, and professionals who offer their expertise in this area. Here, we provide a safe and private space where members can connect, ask questions, share personal experiences, and seek real-life advice relating to c-sections and c-section recovery.

Our goal is to create an environment where you can find advice specific to the stage that you are in, gain confidence heading into and coming out of your delivery, facilitate quicker physical and emotional healing, and offer a supported transition into the newborn stage -- whether this is your first time or tenth.

Whether you are currently preparing for a c-section, have recently had one, or work in a profession that supports women during this time, we value your lived experience and expertise.


As a member, you can engage in open discussions with other women who have walked a similar path, find out what worked (and what didn't!), exchange valuable tips and insights, and receive guidance from professionals well-versed in c-section care and emotional well-being.

By connecting with others who have faced similar experiences, you can find comfort, understanding, and practical advice so that you feel like yourself again faster. Or, maybe an even more badass, thriving version. Yeah, let's aim for that.


Our community believes that information is powerful and that stories can heal. We believe that every woman deserves to feel more confident and informed, both before and after their c-sections. We understand that the journey towards healing can be challenging, and it's even harder to navigate it alone.

Together, we can navigate the complexities of c-sections, ensure that our postpartum experiences are positive, and help each other regain a sense of self during this transformative time. We all have a story -- and a triumphant return. Let's find yours and help the next person find theirs. This is how we change things.


Learn more about the Cesarean Crew Community here.


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